We are sorry for your loss.

If you have recently been bereaved and are not sure of the steps to be taken, please click here for information.

Should you wish to arrange a funeral here at the church, we would be happy to help you mark the end of the life of your loved one, to honour their memory, to celebrate and give thanks for their life, and allow a time for grieving family and friends to find closure.

The funeral service is a personalised service to mark the life of the recently deceased. We can hold funeral services in our church with up to 200 guests and, if requested, a livestream or recording can be arranged to share with those who could not be present. For small intimate funerals some families choose to combine the funeral service with the service at the cemetery/crematorium. It is also possible to hold a memorial service if the main funeral will be held abroad.

Our pastor will meet with family and friends to include them in the planning of this service. Most funerals include songs, a eulogy and tributes, a bible reading, prayers, a short talk and a committal. In some cultures, a time of viewing is included where appropriate.  The service can be tailored to the wishes of the deceased, their family and friends.

Arranging a funeral

Most people will use the services of a local funeral director, who will provide advice and organise all the practical arrangements. If you would like to hold a funeral here it is a good idea to check availablity before booking the time and date of the service with the funeral director.

The person who has died may have left details of the sort of funeral that they hoped for. Ministers will want to support families in keeping to such arrangements as much as possible and in making the service a personal and appropriate occasion. Taking funerals is an important part of our pastor's work and he will take time to visit you, offering comfort and support before and after the funeral itself.

The wake or funeral reception

Should you wish to host a wake or reception at the church, please see our Hall hire page.

Bereavement support

The time between a person's death and their funeral is often very busy and full of practical arrangements. Often it is only after the funeral that the full extent of loss affects the bereaved. Grief affects each of us differently and we understand that in the days, months or even years after a death, people may struggle to come to terms with their loss.  We are here for you - please get in touch if we can offer any support. 

Preparing for death

Coming to terms with our own mortality can be a difficult thing.  Knowing how to say goodbye to loved ones, accepting unfinished goals and facing questions of life and death can be a very emotional or challenging time. We encourage you to make use of the excellent chaplaincy services if you are under the care of a local hospital, but if we can provide any additional support please get in touch. Some people find it helpful to plan part of their own funeral, others just need somebody to talk to or to help them engage meaningfully and sincerely with loved ones as they prepare for the end. Please do get in touch if we can support in any way.