About us

Who are we?

We are a multi-cultural church made up of individuals and families from all sorts of backgrounds.

We are a Bible-believing church who place great importance on the teaching of scripture.  We believe in the power of the gospel to save, and are passionate about making disciples who will make disciples.

We are an independent church affiliated to The Congregational Federation.  As a congregational church, all decisions are made by the church members.  Planted in 1903, the church initially met above a bike shop, before moving to a small hall on our present site.  Our present church building was built in 1953 (front extension added 2002), the halls were completed by the early 1970's.

We are an inclusive church.  The Bible describes the church as a body - and each of us as parts of the body with a vital role to play.  Our church isn't complete unless everybody is involved and playing their part!

We are an outward-looking church.  We are passionate about engaging with our local community, and in addition to our own outreach events we support a range of local and global mission partners.

We are a growing church.  Far from perfect, we make mistakes, and we learn as we grow.  But rest assured that a warm welcome awaits you!


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What's missing?


We meet lots of people who visit us because, for whatever reason, they find themselves looking for a place of worship. If you have moved into the area or are looking to join a local church, we have put this guide together with some questions you may wish to consider as you visit various churches.